Thursday, March 15, 2012

Delay Isn't a Bad Word

Delay.  We are delayed. 

Hi!  I'm Lucas from New Monster!  Nice to finally meet you.  I needed to pound out some notes and things here and get to meet you - so here I am!

Collecting Nostalgia has been delayed.  But, it hasn't.  We are working on our Prototype and it rocked us pretty hard.  This weekend we were slated to go to Knoxville and do a show with Brad and his wife but with family stuff and time restraints I needed to pull out of the date.  No big deal.  I had things coming up and I just didn't feel like I could give Brad's episode 100%.  I still was trying to figure out what I was doing for the show exactly and what I needed to bring to it.  I'm happy to say that I finally think I have it figured out.

We have some editing to do and some reshoots to get our vision as close to perfect as possible.  The first episode is coming along just fine and it is healthy and fun to watch!  I am so glad!  Well, the prototype episode is what I am calling the first episode.  It is loveingly labeled as #000 - just in case it doesn't go public.  Buuuut... it just might.

I tend to be VERY critical of anything I do and if I don't like it enough I am reluctant to move ahead.    Polishing a vision is a harder than I had imagined.  But at the same time the leasons we are learning are fantastic and we are having a BLAST~!

I hope you all are surviving out there.  Here at New Monster we are doing well!

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming dates and shows.  We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our content with you as we grow.

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It was great finally meeting you!
Until next time,


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