Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday - B.o.M?

Goooood Friday you Mutant Piles! (that's code for "friends"!),

   I had an idea for some videos that I was going to do that were going to be "Editorialish" about random things I liked or was interested in...but came to the conclusion that I needed to beef up this blog and I wasn't prepaired tech-wise to take on that challenge.  I kind'a felt that the reward for the hard work wasn't going to pay off in views like I had wanted.  I need a bunch to feel like the effort would be worth it and right now as New Monster is just a baby...I am going to turn the idea into a Friday Blog Post!



I call this idea - Box of Mystery

or B.o.M? for short.  So...when you see B.o.M?  You will know that something random is coming up and that it is Friday.  You will never forget about Weekend Eve again!  You are welcome.  And little is the first ever post for - B.o.M?

Box of Mystery

In Today's Box of M?

   I recently viewed the movie Young Adult.  Young Adult Info from

          And here's the IMDB page

   Careful parents...this is a rated R movie.  It won't be fun for a kid AT ALL.  This ain't toys.  This one is for the adults that can hang.  (But, hey that is just my opinion.  If you want your kid to be bored out of his/her head and watch a dumb ole adult dark comedy then that is all you - do what you want...I am just putting it out there.  My opinion is my opinion.  Now then, I will never write that agian.  Let's keep moving.)

  I was entertained and I had fun with it.  I also tend to enjoy a dark comedy more than most so it appealed to me right off.  Note: If you do not enjoy a dark comedy ever - this movie is not for you.  If you want a feel good comedy then may I suggest the newest Will Ferrell offering or the next Kristen Bell Rom-Com to suit your fancy. 

  This movie was penned by Juno Author Diablo Cody (Brook Busey).  It isn't all Junoy so don't fret if that movie left you wanting.  Juno was light hearted and sweet.  Young Adult is bitter, realistic and doesn't flinch when telling its story.  I'm not trying to blow it up into something that it is not.  It is Good.  Not a GREAT movie...but a solid movie that I thought was worth a couple of bucks to rent. 

 Is it rewatchable?  Yes.  I think it is.  I would watch it later on down the line if it hits Netflix Instant or Hulu Plus and other movie viewing outlets.

  The movie stars Charlize Theron as a woman stuck in the early 90's who hasn't yet moved on from her teenage mentality.  Entertaining...but in a car wrecky way.  It hurts to watch a woman who is almost 40 still act as if she were 17.  Now, in her upper 30's she heads home to try and steal her ex-high school boyfriend away from his wife and new baby daughter. 

  Patton Oswalt co-stars as an old high school aquaintance of hers that was beaten so badly as a teenager for being "gay" that both of his legs were crushed and he has to walk with a crutch 20 years later. 

The main characters are broken and lost and Charlize does a great job of making you want to avoid her at all costs.  I didn't review this movie in depth and the links I give will tell you more...but I just wanted to let you know that I saw it.  I liked it and it is worth a look-see if you can hang.


I give it - 7.5/10

Have a great Friday everyone!  Make good choices and laugh til it hurts!



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