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Wednesday March 21, 2012 : 4 Things - Flame War, Silent House, ipod Touch 4, and Jay Mohr: I Know Why My Parents Drank

Thing 1
Over the past weekend I (Friday or Saturday) I had a brief flame war with a dude that Ashley knows.  I made some silly flippant comments about the new Dark Shadows movie and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter movies that were posted on his page.  A buddy of his took exception to my comments of Abe Lincoln Sucks and Dark Shadows looks fun and isn't the exact source material because so many people have their fingers in the movie pie. 

He said my statements (which all this is paraphrased) were inaccurate and wrong.  (About the movie industry)  I know.  I know it was a blanketed statement.  I was talking the Ashley and trying to get his goat.  Plus...Abe Lincoln Sucks just sounds funny.  Was I trolling?  No.  I was teasing Ashley.  But...other people read comments too and it is a free forum so - there.  I was a little annoyed but who cares, right?

I didn't mean to come across as anything but being silly.  Don't take it to heart guys.  I did for a few days - geez.  Why I do dat?  Anywho - I made an Abe picture that I am having trouble posting so just know I did one.  There.  Moving on to the second order of business.

Thing 2

Over the weekend I saw Silent House starring the lesser known Olsen sister, Elizabeth Olsen.  The movie is a thing of curiosity.  It seems as if it is one continuous filmed shot.  No second cameras just one single moving camera filming a young woman and her father and uncle cleaning up their vacation house that is in bad shape.  The movie takes a turn into thriller territory quickly as Elizabeth begins hearing and seeing things that seem to be stalking her around the house after dispatching her father.  Things go from bad to worse to that TWIST all movies seem to have these days that are either a horror or thriller in any capacity.  A simple movie built around a curious gimmick that works for the most part.  Elizabeth Olsen does a great job being terrified. 
I am not sure what this movie is labeled as but I would label it either horror/thriller or thriller/suspense with horror elements. 

Rated R and wouldn't be fun for kids at all.  Worth a  I'm hesitant.  It wasn't great and it wasn't horrible.  It was average at best with a gimmick I haven't seen before.  I'm sure copy cat movies doing the same thing are being edited as I type this.

Worth a look?  Sure.  Do it.  See it in theatres?  Nah.  Not too important.  Rent it - if not just for the gimmick of a one shot/camera movie with a great lead actress.

6.5/10 from Lucas   Here are some links for you to check out for yourself.    Other reviews and Trailers included!

Silent House IMDB Page

Silent House Info on RT

Thing 3

I picked up an ipod touch 4 over the weekend as well.  Am I tech savvy?  No.  Do I feel WAY WAY over my head owning a nice piece of hardware like this?  YES! YES!  Do I love it?  Correct, sir.  I do.

By the way...this picture I posted is exactly how mine looks.  The ipod was quite the purchase and I am quite the bumbling fool so I felt it important that I throw down some more cash on outside protection for the ipod touch.  I'm glad I did.  The casing is a blue and black Survivor case.  A plastic shell that clamps over your ipod's body.  (It has a built in screen that helps protect your touch screen from your nasty fingers and scrapes - it responds beautifully.) The plastic casing is then covered in the black rubber.  It is supposed to help give it some resistance if dropped.  I read a review from an American Soldier in Iraq that had one and dropped it from 200ft down a mountain and it protected his perfectly.  Excellent! 

The rubber covers the back camera - but has a tab that you can peel off and position into a slot for picture taking.  The bottom part of the rubber has tabs you pull away so you can plug in your earphones or power adaptors.  Note:  The rubber is thick so a thin plug is needed for earphones.  If you have a regular size or thick plug then you will need to remove the rubber and plastic for use. (hee-hee! Did you just read that SENTENCE?!) 

The ipod touch 4 is fantastic!  The only other ipod I own is a Slim 8gb.  This one I got is a 32Gb (Great price for it - middle of the road GB seems to me to be the best value for these things) and it works super well.  I bought it (because the gettin' was good) for helping keep my content for New Monster fresh and as exciting and fun as possible.  It is a tool that will be with me for a long long time.  I can't wait to master it so I can bring great things to the projects!  Here are some links to the ipod touch 4!

ipod Touch 4 Review from

Survivor Case Blue/Black Review on

But don't take my word for it that these two products are great and worth the price.  Do yourself a favor and check them out yourself.  It may or may not be something you are looking for.  But, for me - they are perfect!

9/10 Review for both from Lucas

Thing 4

Over the summer I downloaded Mohr Stories from itunes.  It was Jay Mohr's (comedian/actor/dad) first podcast and first podcast episode of all time.  I was curious because I always knew him as What's His Name from that Thing?  I knew he was a comedian but hadn't heard his stuff.  I just knew that I liked what I had seen of him.  So I jumped.  Mohr Stories is now my go to PB&J of podcasts. 

It always makes me laugh and it is always a good time for me.  I recommend going to Jay's site.  (I put the link above the picture) Go to the site and look around.  You will get a feel for who he is and what you recognize him from.

Use your new ipod touch 4 and download/rate and comment on his podcast and let him know you appreciate him.  If you find out Jay Mohr isn't your cup of tea - hey, no sweat.  To each his own.

I also just finished his book about fatherhood.  I liked it.  The book is not for everyone - but if you like Jay you will like the book. 

I've included the link below the book so you can order it - might I suggest going through his webpage to get to amazon to find other things to buy?  Find out for yourself what is so hilarious and beautiful about being a dad/parent. 

I found the book to be heartfelt and full of laughs.  It reads like he talks and tells stories.  Plus - it is uber cheap online.  You won't be shelling out all your dough on this one - so that gives you room to pick up a copy of Gary Unmarried!

Jay Mohr - 10/10
No Wonder My Parents Drank - 7.5/10

Have a great week everyone!  I'll be back soon,


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