Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The X-Files Saved my Life

Hello Gang.

Much has changes since my last post and time and my brain has gotten away from me.

I want to just post up something to keep the gears greased and the pistons pumping while I am in a personal transition that has actually halted my personal production with New Monster.

The X-Files.

Netflix has all the seasons on right now and I am appreciative.  While I prefer the sweeter seasons of 1-5, 6-9 are the wacky - "Hey, we are losing our minds." seasons that happen to most shows after their time is up.  Lovingly coined - "Jumping the Shark".  Now, some of you might think that the X-Files had jumped the shark in season 5 with that awful awful Christmas episode...well, you are right.  I agree.  Great episodes are few and far between after season 4.

I was 12 and in the 6th grade when the X-Files made its way onto the tv on Friday Nights.  What a sweet Friday night it always was, too.  For a 12 year old boy the X-files was a dream.  I always dreamed of having a walk-on appearance on one of the episodes.  But, it never happened.  Of course I never really tried for a part, either.  The melodrama and sci-fi action was so much fun for me in my adolescence I would assume others had the same feelings for comic book heroes at the time.

So, now - I get to check out some sweet X-Files action and laugh along at the cheesiness of it all and now that I am older the mystique of the show is gone (except for the theme song! Oh, god! What a creepy/perfect theme song was that!).  But, I still love it and it soothes me in troubled times.  It helps me get my mind off of any problem I may be having and it works well with chicken noodle soup during a sick day as well!  I appreciate tv and shows that can lift us out of our depression, or funk at anytime.  X-Files just does it for me.

What show does it for you?  If any.  And if not - what?


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