Thursday, January 30, 2014


As promised, we have been working on new content.  The newest addition to New Monster Project is our podcast, Sci-Fighters!!  We will be talking about movies, technology, books, science fiction, and many other aspects of pop-culture that we all loved growing up.  It's part history, part future, part nostalgia, part geekery, and part nerd-rage!  We have two episodes posted so far, with plans for a lot of great content and discussions in upcoming episodes!

In first episode, Hot Mayonnaise, you get (re)introduced to the cast of New Monster and listen to us flail around as we get things up and running.  We talk about some of the subtleties of being a nerd, geek, or a dork, while taking deep pride in the respective categories with which we self-identify.

In the second episode, The Book of Nerd, we get a little more into the swing of things as we continue to work on the flow of our podcast.  Continuing on from our introductions in the first episode, we each talk a bit more about what got us to our respective levels of geekdom and nerddom.  From there, we dive into distinguishing between remakes, reboots, re-imaginings, and start to wonder if the distinction really even matters.  We also debate whether or not Back to the Future should ever be remade!

We plan to release a new episode every other Thursday, so be sure to check back at every couple weeks to hear the latest rantings and ravings of the guys of New Monster!  Join us next time as the Sci-Fighters take on Robocop!

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