Monday, February 17, 2014

Sci-Fighters: Let go and let Robo

The latest episode of Sci-Fighters is posted and ready for your consumption!!  This time, we take on RoboCop!!  And unlike the ED-209, the Sci-Fighters can navigate stairs!  Join us as we discuss the original movie, our memories of the first time we saw it (and find out which one of us was sent to the bathroom every time a violent scene was about to occur), real-life technology, and our thoughts on the reimagining of RoboCop.  As we navigate nostalgia and strong opinions on the reimagining, ask yourself...would you buy that for a dollar??

We plan to release new episodes every other Thursday, so be sure to check back here every couple weeks to hear the latest rantings and ravings of the guys of New Monster!  Join us next time as the Sci-Fighters take on SCI-fi versus sci-FI!!

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