Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sci-Fighters: VHS Day

Happy Geek Holidays, everyone!!  Today is Free Comic Book Day and the start of another great Geek weekend, or...Geekend??  Sure, that's a word now.  Happy Geekend!!  So, to start the Geekend off right, we present to you another episode of Sci-Fighters!!  In this episode, we talk about Free Comic Book Day, Star Wars Day, the 5th of November, and many other days that we geeks hold close to our hearts!!  So grab your favorite comic book, make some Wookie-cookies, get some Ewok milk, and join the guys of New Monster as we celebrate Geek Holidays!!...and Blake.  We also celebrate our Sci-Fighters follower, Blake.  Thanks for the listens, Blake!!

Be sure to check back here every couple of weeks to hear the latest rantings and ravings of the guys of New Monster!!  Join us next time as we stray wildly off topic, as we are prone to do.

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