About us

New Monster Project is Adam, Ashley, Lucas, and Nathan and we are a creative collective, focusing on geekery and all things pop-culture!!

We are a group of friends who grew up on science-fiction, art, pop-culture, video games, comics, movies, 80s cartoons and action movies, and so on.  After years of consuming pop-culture, we decided that we wanted to be contributing to it as well.  And that's what we've done.  So, follow us here, and on all our group and individual social media sites (below), as we create videos, comics, movie reviews, commentaries, and more!!

email:  newmonsterproject@gmail.com
facebook:  facebook.com/newmonsterproject
youtube:  youtube.com/newmonsterproject
twitter: @NewMonsterSays
podcast:  scifighters.podomatic.com

individual blogs:
Chaos & Logic
Gargyle Reviews
Life With Fandom

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  1. I'm doing a story about next week's AdventureCon for UTK's student journalism website, and I was wondering if any of you guys will be attending/exhibiting. I'm looking for more interviewees for my story, and I would love to hear from you guys if you'll be there since you're from the area! Send an e-mail to Rachel at rtownse5@utk.edu if you are open for the interview. Thanks a bunch!